Bean snipper

Bean snipper

Processing line for beans


Our bean machines are specially designed to separate harvested beans from their tendrils and stems and then cleanly cut off the tops so that they’re ready to be packaged and processed. With our snipper, a large stainless-steel drum equipped with plastic compartments expertly detaches the beans from each other. Nearly all the tendrils are removed, and 100% prepared for trimming. 

Now we’re proud to unroll our new bean snipper. With its superior quality, we ensure the tops of your  French/green beans, yellow wax beans, broad beans and okra are expertly removed. The beans are fed through a serrated groove that orients them in the right direction to achieve the best possible cut. We’re not full of beans when we say you will be very, very impressed with its cutting accuracy. 

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With a focus on designing the best possible product using the latest technology, we can safely say the Bean snipper is a cut above the competition.

Easy to clean

This high-performance machine is a dream to clean as there are no hard-to-reach corners as well as minimal contact areas between the different parts. The inside of the folding doors are simple to wash because they are accessible, which is not the case with a sliding door system.

Easy to use 

The Bean snipper is easy to maintain. What’s more, any parts that suffer wear and tear over time (wheels, knives, etc.) are no trouble to replace.  


The Bean snipper parallels the quality of the currently existing machines on the market, but we offer it to our customers for much less, something to keep in mind considering the short beancutting season. 


Handling the unique ergonomic doors is smooth and straightforward because of the gull-wing design that operates by a gas spring system. Our doors open and close effortlessly, don’t obstruct the narrow pathway between the machines, and provide protection.

Waste reduction

A cleverly designed hood over the chute prevents the beans from flying out in all directions and ending up on the factory floor. 

Multiple options

Whether you want to snip French/green beans, yellow wax beans, broad beans or okra, the Bean snipper allows you to select different topping pieces for cutting, depending on the volume and accuracy.

Processing line for beans

The Herbort Bean Snipper can be easily integrated within your bean processing line.

Bean snipper

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